Though it seems almost invisible to the media for the most part, strategic analyses and studies show a growing connection between international organized crime and international terrorism — sometimes considered a “hybrid” relationship. One way to view this is through this study available at written by Stanojoska Angelina of the Faculty of Security – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. 

Quote from the article:

“Before September 11th we could find many countries that financed state terrorism. Butafter this event, some of them stopped their activities. State sponsored terrorism activitiesdecreased. Those countries that once refused cooperation with USA now have become morevigilant in tracking money transfers through their territories.The consequence of this was the need for new financial sources. The U.S. StateDepartment’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) through itsresearches has targeted some terrorist groups which are financing their activities with operations infields of organized crime.Groups such as the IRA and the German Red Army Faction raised money by robbingbanks, while groups such as the PKK used extortion. FARC in Colombia collected taxes frompeople who cultivated or processed illicit drugs on lands that were under its control. The LebaneseHezbollah and Colombia’s AUC trafficked in drugs themselves, while others in many parts of theworld such as the Abu Sayaff Group use ransom money rose through hostage – taking operations …” —

Link to article  Image

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