Phenomena, Design and Spirituality

February 16, 2010

Notes on Phenomena, Design and the Spiritual

I’m amazed amid all the devastation at the failure to grasp the extent of the intimacy of interconnectedness in the phenomena we share, as a phenomenologist (logos embracing both rationality and spirituality) and one who feels a kinship with what is loosely called the spiritual.
My rational self sees a design at work in the interconnectedness of phenomena as science seeks to comprehend the design and reason it out, work out methods and measures.
The design, however, is a priori, and as far as I understand design, it too has an a priori. Mutation is part of the design, the method – so is probability and randomness.
I can’t escape the notion of design per se and can’t explain how it, in itself, came to be. It’s here that I make the Kierkegaardian leap, keeping in mind what he called “the cunning of oblivion.”
So I try to value what is, as both immanent and transcendent, recognizing the gray matter limits -that valuing, to me, is “spiritual.”