BETWEEN THE ICE AGES: … FAITHFUL … to the creative spirit

September 28, 2008

Between the Ice Ages: … faithful … from Wes Rehberg on Vimeo.

This is a 3-minute 47-second video reflection on how faithfulness to the creative spirit within is the prime sensibility and responsibility in film and art. — Wes Rehberg, Wild Clearing


September 25, 2008

Between the Ices Ages: Hummingbirds from Wes Rehberg on Vimeo.

This is a two-minute film tone poem of hummingbirds in the midst of fragile life on a fragile planet. Filmed by Wes Rehberg, score by Max Ruehl. Also … We’ve reworked our site to include a new category, “Tone Poems and Found Objects,” on the theme of Between the Ice Ages, with several film sketches … links to these are found at …

THE EXPOSED: Atty lists problems in US help for sick nuclear workers

September 23, 2008

THE EXPOSED: Atty lists problems in US help for sick nuclear workers from Wes Rehberg on Vimeo.

Attorney Frank Gerlach details problems in the U.S. program to help sick nuclear workers under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness and Compensation Program, in this preliminary video clip for the documentary “The Exposed.” He spoke at a meeting of the Portsmouth/Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety and Security in Ohio — co-founded by Vina Colley, a sick former worker at the USEC Portsmouth nuclear enrichment plant. Gerlach represents sick workers in their efforts to obtain compensation and medical aid from nuclear plant contamination through the program administered by the U.S. Dept. of Labor. Filmed by Wes Rehberg, Wild Clearing

A delayed mobile note … the richness of reunions

September 20, 2008

This was started on Sept. 12, a mobile IPhone note, It follows (finally) …

… Now in Albany at Eileen’s brother Jim’s home, who’s undergoing radical autoimmune treatment for renal cancer. We’re here also to attend Eileen’s niece Viki’s wedding.

After the wedding tomorrow we’ll head back to Chattanooga, TN, a two-day trip, leaving a world of deeper history and meaning for us as memories are adjusted, refreshed, enriched.

We had also on this 10-day journey visited sons, a daughter, daughter-in-law, grandtwins, a high-school reunion, friends, and our little cabin.

Reunions, face-to-face … immeasureable.

THE EXPOSED: Interview with Mike Driver, sick nuclear worker

September 18, 2008

THE EXPOSED: Interview with Mike Driver, sick nuclear worker from Wes Rehberg on Vimeo.

This continues our series of preliminary video clips from interviews with sick nuclear plant workers, here with Mike Driver, who worked at the Paducah, KY, gaseous diffusion nuclear fuel enrichment plant. The preliminary clips are from filming for our documentary in process, “The Exposed,” produced by Wes & Eileen Rehberg of Wild Clearing. See for our work.


September 6, 2008

During an interview for our documentary “The Exposed,” three former Oak Ridge nuclear workers spoke of their frustrations with obtaining medical help and compensation through the U.S. Department of Labor, charged with helping such workers through the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000 (EEOICPA) — working video clip filmed by Wes Rehberg, Wild Clearing