THE EXPOSED: Nuclear workers rally for illness compensation

THE EXPOSED: Nuclear Workers rally for illness compensation in Oak Ridge, TN from Wes Rehberg on Vimeo.

Above is a 14 minute video of a rally in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, organized by the Coalition for a Healthy Environment, whose organizers have been working since the mid-1990s for compensation, care and recognition of nuclear weapons worker contamination. Many among this group are sick from the poisons as well.
The rally, on June 25, 2008, was among others that day in Cleveland, Ohio, organized by Bethlehem Steel former workers in Buffalo, New York, in Denver, Colorado, organized by Rocky Flats former workers, and in Hispañola, New Mexico, by Los Alamos workers.

We’re now developing a documentary on nuclear workers who have become poisoned by heavy metals, radiation and other contaminants and who are also struggling for adequate compensation for their illnesses for those who are yet alive but sick, and for acknowledgement that those who have died did so as a result of limited or no recognition that their illnesses were caused by exposure to contaminants, flawed human safety procedures and limited care.

Wild Clearing’s work is produced by Eileen and Wes Rehberg; 
Wes is doing the filming at the moment … Eileen the art work …
Home page is


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